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Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis is our proprietary Mega You Grow® MYG Magic Mushroom strain.  A variation of the purest Stropharia cubensis Cuban culture, Golden Mammoth was developed decades ago by our head mycologist specifically for ease of use and purity. Golden Mammoth is a robust strain, developed through years of mycological expertise, as a unique Stropharia cubensis Cuban x Golden Teacher strain, to showcase the best qualities of each strain. Golden Mammoth was first brought to market in th late 90’s and originally sold on our sister site, Sporepod.

Our mycologists developed and isolated the Golden Mammoth magic mushroom strain in order to maximise the mushrooms large size and strong resistance to disease, defects and contamination. Golden Mammoth is a genetically pure strain which offers mycologists the greatest ease of use due to it’s consistency in robust colonization, vigorous fruiting and durability. We maintain and re-vitalize our Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis master cultures through careful cloning techniques to keep our strains highly active and genetically pure.  

About Our Strain – Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis

As the longest standing producer of Psilocybe cubensis mushroom genetics in Canada, with over 70 years combined professional mycology experience, we put decades of research and expertise into every product we produce. Our Mega You Grow® Golden Mammoth proprietary strain is a Golden Teacher Psilocybe cubensis x Stropharia Cuban cubensis cross developed and isolated specifically for our kits by our head Mycologist who alone has over 40 years experience and expertise in the mushroom industry.

Our MYG Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis strain offers selected genetics that have been carefully curated for easy cultivation, larger yields, bigger mushrooms and multiple flushes in addition to better resistance against disease and contaminants. Mega You Grow® Golden Mammoth proprietary genetic strain offers a Psilocybe cubensis mushroom that is specialized for maximum yield, purity and potency, and boasts quick colonization and vigorous dense mycelial growth.

Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis is a robust strain with the size and vibration similar to Golden Teacher Psilocybe cubensis and the vigour and potency of Stropharia Cuban cubensis (Stropharia Cuban cubensis is the truest cubensis in existence from which the entire species of Psilocybe cubensis originated). Golden Mammoth produces large, multiple flushes with big mushrooms that have a thick white stem and a large cap that is golden coloured with flecks of yellow. Mushrooms can be very large in size (up to 12 cm long). 

Our MYG Golden Mammoth strain has a unique proprietary genetic profile that was developed by our head mycologist and MYG founder who has over 40 years mycology experience and is the inventor of leading organic mushroom cultivation techniques. These techniques are featured in books by the Mushroom Guru Paul Stamets and Jeff Chilton: The Mushroom Cultivator’ and ‘Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms’, as well as multiple Scientific and University research papers.