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Magic Mushroom Spawn - Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Mammoth



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Mega-You- Grow® Golden Mammoth Psilocybe Cubensis Magic Mushroom Spawn

You asked and we answered! We are excited to fill your requests for our Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom Spawn. Our MYG Magic Mushroom Spawn is the purest Psilocybin cubensis master culture available. Decades of mushroom science and magic combine in the mycelium of our robust proprietary strain – the Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis.

With over 40 years professional experience in perfecting the science of making mushroom spawn, we offer unmatched purity and unrivalled quality in our premium laboratory grade MYG Golden Mammoth Magic Mushroom Spawn. Our professional quality MYG Magic Mushroom Spawn is available to purchase in single bag or bulk pack orders for research mycologists.

Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom Spawn is a high grade mycelium master culture of our Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis Magic Mushroom strain. Golden Mammoth Mushroom Spawn is a vigorous, high yield mushroom mycelium culture with fast growth and robust colonization. We developed and isolated the Golden Mammoth Magic Mushroom strain decades ago specifically for its ease of use, large size and strong resistance to disease, defects and contamination. We maintain and regularly revitalise our Psilocybe cubensis master cultures through masterful cloning techniques to keep our strains highly active and genetically pure.

High quality magic mushroom spawn is the key ingredient for a successful mycology project. Our Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom Spawn is pure and potent. It's professionally prepared in our specially designed sterile mycology spawn lab with certified organic ingredients and carefully colonized to fast track results and maximize the yields of your research. Our professional mycologists do all the hard work so you can mitigate risk and optimize the success of your mycology projects. Working with our professionally prepared magic mushroom spawn gives you the growing edge!

MYG Mega-You-Grow Golden Mammoth Magic Mushroom Spawn is the highest quality magic mushroom spawn available. Our cubensis mushroom spawn is made with uncompromising care and quality. Grown on 100% organic, Canadian-sourced, fungicide-free grain, our proprietary Golden Mammoth Magic Mushroom Spawn offers fully colonized mushroom mycelium grain culture that is certified organic, hand crafted, carefully colonized and verified free of contamination for unrivalled quality. Our cubebsis shroom is made with uncompromising care and masterful technique. Perfected and developed by our head mycologist with over 40 years experience and expertise. Mega You Grow Magic Mushroom Spawn offers isolated, pure psilocybe mushroom culture genetics to give you vigorous colonization and strong mycelial growth for rapid optimization of your results. The MYG Golden Mammoth Psilocybe Cubensis genetics have been carefully curated and isolated over decades of research for ease of use, maximum research yield, purity and resistance to defects/disease and contaminants.

Guaranteed fresh, our MYG magic mushroom spawn is custom batch-made and quality tested for optimum results. The Mega-You-Grow Golden Mammoth Magic Mushroom spawn is professionally produced in our specialized mycology labs with ultimate care and expertise by our industry leading mycologists and is always shipped Express to ensure freshness to your door.

As industry leaders and mycological pioneers, we specialize in Psilocybe cubensis mushroom cultures for research and microscopy purposes and set the standards for premium, high quality organic magic mushroom spawn. Mega You Grow MYG  = Unrivalled Mushroom Genetics, Uncompromising Product Quality and Unparalleled Customer Care!

Mega You Grow Spawn Bags come in single bag (3.3 lb bag or 1.5kg) or in a bulk carton of 6 X spawn bags (6 X 3.3 lb bags or 1.5kg). That's almost 20lb of pure, viable goodness for your research project!


For uncompromising quality and optimized results order Mega-You-Grow® Magic Mushroom Cubensis Spawn today!


About our Strain:

Our Magic Mushroom Kits come with the Mega You Grow® proprietary spawn strain, Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis, a variation of the purest Stropharia cubensis Cuban x Golden Teacher Master Culture. Stropharia cubensis Cuban is the truest cubensis genetic in existence from which the entire species of Psilocybe cubensis actually originated. Golden Mammoth was developed decades ago by our head mycologist specifically for ease of use and purity. Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis Spawn is a robust culture with vigorous dense mycelial growth and strong resistance to disease/defects and contamination. Our Golden Mammoth spawn culture offers a strain encompassing the best qualities of both Stropharia cubensis Cuban and Golden Teacher.

Our mycologists have been leading the market in standardized purity, innovation and expertise for the last 40 years – and we take pride in continuing to bring the best in the industry to your door! For uncompromising quality and optimized results, order Mega-You-Grow Magic Mushroom spawn today!

LargeSpawn contents

Mega-You-Grow Spawn Bags come in large (3.3 lb bag or 1.5kg) or in a bulk carton of 6 X large boxes of spawn (6 X 3.3 lb bags or 1.5kg). That's almost 20lb of pure, viable goodness for your research project! Due to high demand, we may have to limit the maximum quantity per bulk order to 3 cartons.