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Mini Magic Mushroom Grow Kit - With Live Spawn

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The Mega-You-Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Kit

If big is not your game, make it mini with our Mega You Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit. Our MYG Mini Kit makes it easy to be discreet - get the same great results and the same great quality in a half size growing chamber. Our Mini Kit makes growing magic mushrooms more accessible. You don't need a lot of room, simply a shelf will do.

And that's not all - the Mega You Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit is one of the smallest and easiest to use mushroom kits available! You don't need anything but a pot and water to make this mushroom kit work it's magic. Just boil the straw, mix in the spawn and you're ready to grow! With our simple effective Mini Magic Mushroom Kit we give you the growing edge. 

Size doesn't matter, does it?  It's all about the quality and the quantity. Our Mega You Grow® Mini Kit gives you both! Follow our step by step instructions to assemble your Mini Kit and watch it grow mega shrooms. It's so easy and cuts out the hassle of trying to make spawn with spore or culture syringes. Our Mega You Grow® Mini Kit is ready-to-grow with fresh live magic mushroom spawn - always premium quality for great results. Our MYG Mini Kit comes complete with nutrient enhanced growing medium so you can get up to three flushes of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. All our MYG Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom Kits are made with all natural organic ingredients.

How does the Mini MYG Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit work?

Our Mega You Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit provides you with all the necessary components to grow mushrooms from home using the mushroom casing method. This method uses straw substrate, magic mushroom spawn and casing soil to create a lush fruiting bed for mushrooms to grow in and can be used successfully by anyone - beginner or expert!

Our Mega You Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit uses a simple method for substrate preparation. Simply use boiling water to pasteurize the straw substrate as per the instructions, mix in the spawn and you are ready to grow! No pressure cooker or mycology equipment is required - just a desire for success and some great mycology fun!

By providing the freshest magic mushroom spawn with your Mini Kit, we exponentially increase your chances of successfully growing mushrooms. Our method is fool proof and saves you the hassle of trying to make spawn with mushroom spore or culture syringes - it is all done for you by our mycology professionals! Save time and money by fast tracking your mycology project with our Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit. Our MYG Mini Kit gets you growing more than 2 weeks faster than mushroom spore or culture kits. We pack fresh premium grade mushroom spawn into our Magic Mushroom Kits to save you time and get you growing. With our kits, you don't need to wait for inoculations to grow through and you will never have to worry about contamination ruining your spawn!

Our detailed instruction book guides you through the simple process of pasteurizing your substrate, seeding it with spawn, colonizing and casing the fruiting bed and activating your mushrooms to grow. Simply follow our easy step by step instructions to assemble your Mini Mega You Grow® Mushroom Kit. Start growing right away and provide daily maintenance while the mushrooms work their magic. Our Mini Magic Mushroom Kit is educational and easy to use with rewards that make mycology fun. Anyone can do it! Fool proof, fuss free and fast - for the best results.


The Mega-You-Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Cubensis Spawn Kit will have you growing beautiful mushrooms with ease - each and every time!


About our Strain:

Our Magic Mushroom Kits come with the Mega You Grow® proprietary spawn strain, Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis, a variation of the purest Stropharia cubensis Cuban x Golden Teacher Master Culture. Stropharia cubensis Cuban is the truest cubensis genetic in existence from which the entire species of Psilocybe cubensis actually originated. Golden Mammoth was developed decades ago by our head mycologist specifically for ease of use and purity. Golden Mammoth Psilocybe cubensis Spawn is a robust culture with vigorous dense mycelial growth and strong resistance to disease/defects and contamination. Our Golden Mammoth spawn culture offers a strain encompassing the best qualities of both Stropharia cubensis Cuban and Golden Teacher.

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Mini tray 1091

1 Mushroom Growing Tray Complete with Dome Lid

Kit Dimensions - 11 inches wide X 11 inches long X 18 inches high

Spawn Orig Contents

1 Magic Mushroom Spawn Box (Aprox. 1.5lb) - Certified Organic

(Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Mammoth)

Small Straw 0880

1 Bag Shredded Straw Substrate (Certified Organic)

Small Soil 0887

1 Bag Mushroom Casing Soil

accessories mini

1 Mixing/Grow bag

1 Spray bottle

1 Detailed Instruction Booklet


Sterilizing Prep Pads

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